that TRITAN® PROTECT was developed for even more safety against stem breaking?

TRITAN® Crystal Glass.
Technology for indulgence.

With the development of the TRITAN® technology in collaboration with the former parent company Schott in Mainz, ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS once again wrote glassmaking history. Different raw materials, as well as a new kind of manufacturing process result in a crystal glass of highest immaculateness. A unique recipe, automated material and mixture addition, as well as computerised process monitoring are what guarantees the continuously high quality and unparalleled brilliance of our products.

Functional, tasteful design, natural materials, highest stability and surface strength – these qualities are valued by more than 3000 restaurants, bars and hotels worldwide, amongst which are many that belong to the top establishments in the hotel and catering industry.

TRITAN® Crystal Glass sets ecological standards by being free of the heavy metals lead. The aim of our efforts is a sustainable ecological balance for all of our products and processes. Today, we already hold an ecoprofile (ISO 14040:2009) by an independent institute for our TRITAN® Crystal Glass series. The ecoprofile documents our low carbon footprint, which we keep reducing on a day-to-day basis. We create sustainable transparency through corporate responsibility.


TRITAN® PROTECT is a further development of our TRITAN® Crystal Glass with double protection technology: the stem surface is specially tempered to enhance overall durability and breaking resistance. The treatment protects glasses against wear in the dishwasher and helps to prevent damage if they topple over.

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