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Sebastian Kohler


Culture of innovation.
From glass feeder to glass carafe.

Small ideas can have a big impact. We know that from all areas of our business. Glass is a matter of the heart for the people of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS, and its outstanding manufacturing their heartfelt wish. Through many suggestions you have already been part of our ongoing endeavour for improvement and made numerous technical innovations possible.

But we also have a sympathetic ear for our partners and customers, who have already given us valuable input – even for issues besides product manufacturing. Sales and fair reports are an important channel of communication that allows us to find out what you want. Open-minded customer relationships are a way to new findings for our future as market leader.

ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS currently holds 16 property rights by way of patents, pending patent applications or petty patents for products, as well as process developments. Just as important to us as ground-breaking innovations are the small enhancements through which we continuosly improve our high-quality products, raise the efficiency of our high-end technological manufacturing, or help reduce our carbon foot print.

Examples for our slogan: „Innovation is what drives us“:

TRITAN® Crystal Glass
Technology for indulgence: Our collections made from patented TRITAN® Crystal Glass display unparalleled product characteristics. Furthermore, TRITAN® Crystal Glass is free of heavy metals.


Perfect functionality, brilliant shine: Our decanters and carafes convince through DROP PROTECT, a special surface refinement which inhibits drop formation on the outside of the glass.

LAGS - Laser-Ablation-/Glass-to-Glass Sealing System

An immaculate bezel through lighting technology: new Carbondioxide-Laser systems ease the procederal blasting-off – for your perfect enjoyment.


Birth of the string of glass: In order to dish out the hot glass for moulding, a “feeder” is needed. Electrical torque-engines reduce wastage and volume, and improve the machine’s accuracy.