9th Zwiesel Glass Trade Fair

Photos by Marita Haller, Zwiesel

The Glass Trade Fair in Zwiesel attracts young and old visitors every year. Besides opportunities to watch, do-it-yourself and shop, glassmakers, glassblowers and of course the Glass Queen also await visitors from 10th August to 8th September from 11 am. The Glass Queen and the Glass Princess are crowned in glass during the Glass Night on 14th August at 8 pm. There is also a porcelain market and special sale in the ESPRIT shop. Besides the many lights, such as candles and fireplaces, the group "Sternen Gold" also ensures there is a party mood on the Glass Night.

Be here again when 20 glass producing companies from the region present their products. They range from jewellery to drinking glasses to small and large gifts. Be enchanted by a wonderfully laid 20 metre long table and join in the glass workshops where you can make your own glass. We're really looking forward to an unforgettable evening! Entry is free of course!

You can find more information at www.zwiesel.de