Ultraviolet – a History in 20 Courses

Ultraviolet is a unique experience; the first restaurant of its kind, which combines indescribably good food with multi-sensory technologies, the sole purpose of which is to create an unforgettable dining experience.

A single table, ten places, the address unknown. The guests are picked up at a meeting place by a mysterious van and a driver and taken to the secret address. Here they await a warehouse that is equipped with a table and ten chairs. A 20 course menu then follows, with all the guests sitting together at the table. No decoration and no paintings. Nothing to distract the guests from their food. The Ultraviolet accommodation is equipped with multi-sensory technology: lighting, music, scent, a cool breeze, a projection, pictures and food. They are then served every course on the menu with matching pictures, colours and scents that are projected onto the warehouse walls.

Paul Pairet, Head Chef and Founder of Ultraviolet, serves all ten guests the same 20 course menu at the same time, as the food is the main reason to experience Ultraviolet. In an unforgettable atmosphere which matches every course, underlined by our brands, SCHOTT ZWIESEL, ZWIESEL1872 and JENAER GLAS.

Ultraviolet's only dining room is austere by its very nature: It is only influenced by the lighting, music, scents, pictures, imagination and, of course, food. The guests are supposed to experience a unique eating experience at which they don't see anything apart from the technical impressions that are created by Head Chef Paul Pairet and which match perfectly with the corresponding course. Unique: a restaurant that speaks to all five senses and one that people are sure to talk about for a long time to come.

Picture source: Scott Wright, Ultraviolet Shanghai