Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue relies on the quality of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS

Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue has just received another star from the renowned “Michelin” restaurant guide and thus goes up into the league of Two Star Chefs. Tim Raue presents Asian inspired cuisine, which can be characterised as a combination of Japanese product perfection, Thai aromas and Chinese cooking philosophy at his “Tim Raue” restaurant, located in Berlin, Kreuzberg. Therefore the highest standards, which Tim Raue also expects of his equipment; the ideal environment for glassware from ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS, which the Michelin-starred chef has been trusting in for more than a decade now.

“(…) With wine we use THE FIRST, ENOTECA and GRACE from ZWIESEL 1872 gourmet collections, which accentuate the characteristics of the best wines and give them the right space to unfold as a result of the elaborate, hand-blown designs. For water and tea we use the series GENTLE from SCHOTT ZWIESEL and WILHELM WAGENFELD EDITION from JENAER GLAS (…)”, says Tim Raue.

Besides Tim Raue and various other Michelin-starred chefs, more than 3,000 partners from the hotel industry, top restaurants and retail worldwide currently trust in the high quality products from ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS. International hotel groups, airline companies, caterers and cruise liners appreciate the collections as much as sommeliers and bar keepers.