Grosses Gewächs in Berlin

This year too, Zwiesel Kristallglas AG will be supporting the GROSSES GEWÄCHS premiere of the VDP, which will be taking place in Berlin on the 3rd September. This cooperation with the VDP enables us to further improve our insight into the requirements of the industry, said Sabine Weiß, Marketing Director of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS.

As every year at the GROSSES GEWÄCHS, the Prädikat wine estates will be presenting their best dry wines - this time from the vintage 2011 (red wine 2010). More than 100 Prädikat wine estates will be presenting their current collections, with many top plants from TOP SITES. All the glasses that are used at this event have been produced by us. Because we have already had a close strategic partnership with the VDP for many years, at this event we are supplying glasses from the series VIÑA from SCHOTT ZWIESEL - the ideal glasses for perfect wines.

Picture Credits:
Small picture and top picture: Jon Wyand
Picture on welcome page: Ralf Kaiser