Wine Tasting with Franzen in Düsseldorf

On 3 November a wine tasting event took place with our brand ZWIESEL 1872 at our longstanding specialist retail partner Franzen in Düsseldorf. Tasted at the event were the wines Cuvee Guillaume (2009) from the Friedrich Becker vineyard in the Palatinate, as well as a Westhofener Chardonnay (2011), and a Chardonnay Champagne from Dreissigacker, Rhine-Hessen. Glasses from our ENOTECA range were used at the event.

Thanks to successful pre-event marketing, the first guests had already arrived by 10 a.m. and were able to begin their first tasting session immediately and also join the wine and glass consultations. Especially for the event, the day saw our ENOTECA range being offered as a 5+1 set.

The tasting of the wine was managed by Christian Frens from Sommelier Consult, who used Rioja, Chardonnay and Champagne glasses from the ZWIESEL 1872 range ENOTECA. The day saw around 400 interested customers visiting Franzen, making the event a huge success.