that 60 percent of our production is determined for export to more than 120 countries?

Dedication can be shown in many ways.

Our long lasting cooperation with leading industrial companies, sommeliers, unions, wine-makers, chefs, managers and schools from the hotel business and the gastronomy has increased our awareness of the multiple requirements of the sector. Today we support international and national top hotels and the top level gastronomy with the same dedication as small restaurants or fresh talents.

All the while, our partnerships are as multifaceted as our motives. For example, the reciprocal image transfer of markets and brands that are close to our products is the focus of our efforts. It is accompanied by an efficient presence in the media, which we use as an occasion for synergy effects. But of course we don’t only do this for the end in itself. The product statement from Zwiesel is rather directed to lovers of glassware and opinion leaders all over the world. Their exclusive demands concerning highest quality standards and unique design urge us on.

With regards do this, the continuous national and international exchange of knowledge is a key factor of success. Especially the close collaboration with centres of excellence that specialise in innovative production techniques, as well as in professional materials technology serves us as a platform for research and development. For Zwiesel Kristallglas AG, it is about nothing less than forming the future of glassware. Recent products and the ones in development are proving this once more: the cooperative strategy is bearing valuable fruit.