Wassersommelier Union e.V.
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Dr. Peter Schropp
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Wassersommelier Union e.V.
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82166 Gräfelfing

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Wassersommelier Union e.V.


A special relationship between the Zwiesel Kristallglas AG and the Wassersommelier Union e.V. - the professional association for all certified water sommeliers worldwide – was formed in 2019.


For optimal mineral water enjoyment, a perfectly adapted, high-quality drinking glass is of the utmost importance. Like wine, the finer qualities of any mineral water only reveal themselves when imbibed from a suitable drinking vessel. Zwiesel Kristallglas AG has carefully developed highly functional drinking glasses that lend a special accent to every properly set table - in upscale restaurants as well as in the home.


Together with Zwiesel Kristallglas AG as partner, the Wassersommelier Union e.V. can effectively showcase the unique diversity of German and international natural springs, thus raising the bar on mineral water enjoyment worldwide. The Association of Water Sommeliers relies on the quality and elegance of the specially designed and highly functional mineral water drinking glasses made by Zwiesel Kristallglas AG at training events, trade fairs and tastings organized for corporate clients.


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