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Whether private or professional atmosphere, the quality and sophistication of a glass usually attracts attention. With the WINE CLASSICS series newly introduced in 2013, Zwiesel Kristallglas AG sets an example in the association of design and enjoyment in cooperation with the International Wine Institute (IWI).

The hand-made collection was developed in collaboration with the IWI especially for the most important international grape varieties and wine styles recognised worldwide. Since September 2012 the ideas of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS and the experiences of IWI have complemented each other perfectly.

About the International Wine Institute

The International Wine Institute (IWI) is a private-law educational institution. Located in the heart of the Ahr wine-growing region, directly along the famous “Ahrweiler Rosenthal” vineyard site, IWI offers exciting wine seminars and new innovative training opportunities for the catering and hotel industry as well as the retail wine trade. The International Wine Institute specialises in the education and training of ‘pleasure managers’ in the restaurant sector. The IWI sets new standards in adult education with progressive blended learning courses leading to qualifications as Commis Sommelier (IWI) and Sommelier (Chamber of Industry and Commerce, IHK).

Modern training rooms, national and international co-operations with globally recognised wine institutions, universities as well as winegrowers’ associations ensure the topicality and practical relevance of seminar offers.

The International Wine Institute organises the nationally recognised wine award “Ahr Wine of the Year” and is initiator of the International Pinot Noir Symposium.

About Alexander Kohnen

According to the Busche publishing company, Alexander Kohnen is among the 50 best sommeliers in Germany (2011-2014). The trained restaurant specialist, chef, lecturer and coach has been active in adult education for 20 years, and has trained over 700 sommeliers (IHK) in his career. Kohnen works as an international jury member with the largest wine competitions in the USA, Australia and South Africa. He writes columns for an online magazine, a regional daily newspaper and rates wines for the German edition of the “Gault Millau” wine guide. Alexander Kohnen is Director of the Board of the International Riesling Foundation with headquarters in New York.

Kohnen supported ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS during the development of the gourmet glass series “FINE” (2005) by the SCHOTT ZWIESEL brand and “WINE CLASSICS” (2012) by the ZWIESEL 1872 brand.

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