that our glass is being used by international airlines?

Global Partnership - Individual Services.

Whether it may be in the private or the professional sphere, the glass of choice, its texture and finesse, is sure to draw everyone’s attention. Zwiesel Kristallglas heeds this fact the necessary attention – for nigh on 140 years. Multivariant glass concepts are the result. They leave nothing to be desired, neither in haute cuisine, nor the private household.

An overview of our market segments

Wine & Dine
Represents gastronomy as well as the private, tastefully arranged table. Wine connoisseurship requires high-quality glasses, both at home and in a restaurant. This section caters for ambitious gastronomes and cultivated connoisseurs.

Drinks & Cocktails
Vintage and trendy bars on the one hand, private enjoyment of spirituous beverages and mixed drinks on the other. The variety of drinks available asks for distinguished special-purpose glasses.

Party & Event
Ranging from highly efficient catering to arranging private festivities. Solid quality is key to minimising breakage of glass. On the private level, it is also about introducing young people to the world of high performance quality glasses.

Includes decoration in the realms of catering in restaurants, reception and wellness areas in hotels, as well as the private ambience. The ambition is, to create positive accentuations of differentiation and orchestration through the use of sophisticated design products made of glass.