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Savour the moment.

The brand ZWIESEL 1872 stands for exclusive gourmet-glass series and living accessories of handmade-quality. It combines sophisticated design with outstanding manual fabrication. At home in the premium sector, it is a synonym for an individual lifestyle, sophisticated indulgence, differentiation and connoisseurship.

Savouring the moment – a promise that is closely connected with aesthetics and ambiance. Ingenious creations from the brand-world of ZWIESEL 1872 consistently keep this promise, underline timeless design-standards and give very special flavourful touches to modern table culture. In addition to moulds from nature, our interior- and glass-designers use perfectly concerted colour-concepts.

Top level glassware-series arise from standard glassware-series when they not only offer beauty in their form, but when they also easily conform to their major task: skilfully putting the spotlight on the flavour-nuances of the wines. With ZWIESEL 1872 wine connoisseurs meet their own kind, a glass that is a substantiated expert on how to “handle” its content. ZWIESEL 1872 stands for a special pleasure, aesthetic and flavourful. Pure emotion.