MIX AND CELEBRATE - Authentic bar atmosphere with MIX AND CELEBRATE.

Joie de vivre, familiar people, plus a special drink served in glasses by SCHOTT ZWIESEL– that's MIX AND CELEBRATE for cocktail fans and barkeepers looking to offer their guests a unique experience.  

Six glasses, selected from the collections of the versatile bar assortment by SCHOTT ZWIESEL, make every bar evening more authentic. With their delicate, elegant shapes and brilliant TRITAN® crystal glass, they enhance the appearance of every beverage and contribute to optimal flavour development.

Accommodate the taste preferences of your guests by using the different glasses of MIX AND CELE-BRATE. Bramble, Vodka Fig and Black Russian: the booklet enclosed in the glass package offers a number of recipe suggestions for popular drinks, but of course, there are no limits to the imagination. Celebrate the special moments of life with MIX AND CELEBRATE.