LA ROSE - Create unique moments.

Inspired by the aesthetic and almost majestic appearance of roses – the queen of flowers – we have designed a series that does justice to those graceful properties. The La Rose series, hand-made in Germany by our glassblowers, stands out for its sparkling long stem that highlights the goblets’ unique and elegant design. Partially modelled after a rose blossom, the bowl not only offers aesthetic appeal, but also ensures perfect flavour balance and full aroma development. Just like a rose, the goblets have many versatile uses, making the series a perfect fit for a wide range of wines.

La Rose has symbolic character: Whether as a special gesture for partners, friends or family or as a wine glass used by restaurateurs to offer their guests a special evening in a distinguished ambience – the aesthetic design and perfect wine presentation of “La Rose” promise an unforgettable experience.


Leaflet LA ROSE