It’s a celebration. DIVA for over 20 years.

Emotion meets sensual pleasure. The slim, gracefully shaped stems lend a special charm to the gently curved goblets. The balanced shapes of the stemmed glasses - a unique symbiosis of classic and modern elements - are specifically designed for the varied flavours of different beverages.

Leaflet DIVA



ENOTECA consists of a magnificent ensemble of twenty-five glasses, providing the connoisseur with the finest tools to relish a wine or spirit’s unique medley of colour, aroma and flavour. The brilliant glasses catch and reflect even the most delicate nuances of colour, while precise specifications for wall thickness help to keep wines at the most appropriate temperature. And so, seven glasses for red wine, four for white wine and an assortment for Prosecco, sparkling wines, champagne, spirits and water create an encyclopaedia for true connoisseurs.
It takes passion to create good wine. Our glassblowers have the same passion for handmade glasses as winemakers for their wines. ENOTECA is pure passion. Pure enjoyment. For connoisseurs.
The soul of a wine is revealed by the glass that holds it. This is one reason why handmade crystal glasses are synonymous with true connoisseurship for many wine lovers. The sophisticated glasses from ZWIESEL 1872 are the perfect expression of these high standards and the passion for the finest things.



The modern classic for timeless enjoyment.

Eleven stemmed glasses and six tumblers, along with carafes and decanters, for a wide variety of beverage preferences – that’s PURE by SCHOTT ZWIESEL. A convincing modern classic that has stood out for over ten years: The PURE series is characterised by its striking contours, which give the glasses true recognition value all over the world.


Leaflet PURE


The aroma decides.

SENSA takes the complexity out of modern wine enjoyment: With only five glass shapes all wine styles can be covered. Thereby, it does not matter whether you serve red wine, white wine or rosé. Which glass you choose, is only decided by the wine’s aroma – and not by its colour. The modern and filigree series, which is made of Tritan® crystal glass in the Bavarian Forest, represents following five aroma styles: LIGHT & FRESH, FRUITY & DELICATE, VELVETY & SUMPTUOUS, FLAVOURSOME & SPICY as well as LIGHT & FRESH (SPARKLING).


Leaflet SENSA



The glass combines a slightly curved shape with a virtually weightlesslooking glass form. This highlights the design concept behind the AIR series, in which airiness is important in every respect. The delicate form, coupled with the crystal-clear and elegant appearance of the glasses, also demonstrates the remarkable lifestyle and innovation expertise of the two collaboration partners. Both combine a constant drive for the highest quality with a unique and timeless design without neglecting the functionality of the design object. This means that each glass form strikes a perfect sensory balance and is optimally suited to the most renowned wine styles. An exceptional drinking experience in terms of look and feel is therefore guaranteed. The concept series contains 10 glass sizes for water, Chardonnay, Riesling, red wine, Bordeaux, Burgundy, champagne and dessert wine, in addition to an allround tumbler and a champagne saucer. The collection is rounded off with a white wine decanter and red wine decanter.


Pure Scandinavian design meets glass perfection: The Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg and ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS have come together to develop an exclusive glass collection that is simply unparalleled. The exceptional concept series AIR is inspired by a function driven design and creates sensory and formal highlights. Bernadotte & Kylberg is a global design agency established in 2012 by Carl Philip Bernadotte and Oscar Kylberg. The Swedish design duo has created designs for a range of leading brands, both domestic and international. Their design philosophy is to create iconic and inspiring design that lasts.


Leaflet AIR